Enid & Sharon Kirk

Psst!Are you looking for some help?Has Progessor Fox-Bat been causing you problems?Do you need the services of Whisker and Feather?

Then you have come to the right place.

This is the Website for Paddy, Jim and Casper – your main Whisker and Feather Agents otherwise known as Agents 000 Cat Flap, 000 Chewy Bone and 000 Causey Chaos.

Read about their adventures here, the first being “Saving Gold Feather”.

Ideal for the early ready The Cat Flap Mysteries Book One takes our heroes on an adventure to save their boss the head of Whisker and Feather, Mrs McOwl, Secret Agent code name Gold Feather from the clutches of the evil Professor Fox-Bat.

They start their search in the big field, go under cover in a cow herd until they find the evil villain’s den.

Will our intrepid trio save their boss?

Why not find out more?

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Saving Gold FeatherAlso available to purchase from other retailers

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Cat Flap 2: Jigsaw Royale